LAURA MCRAE (Program Director) 

With nearly 10 years of experience, Laura has spent an extensive period of her career teaching and traveling around the world. She is passionate about her craft and is a firm believer in the tools & skills yoga has given her. With 500 hours of training between New York City and India, Laura remains committed to bringing her findings of clarity, self-love and patience to every class she teaches. It is her intention to hold the space necessary for her students to discover themselves and to enrich the lives of those around her. 


Marc is an interdisciplinary artist and sound-bath healer based in New York City. He is the founder of Azul Apothecary where he crafts botanical perfume oils and collaborates with other artisans. As a longtime meditator, it was his love of music, along side a spiritual awakening, that led him to explore the healing properties of sound and vibration. As a practitioner, he aspires to hold space for healing and rest utilizing sound as a meditational modality. 


An artist, healer, educator and yogi, Melanie grew up in New Jersey where she began her love of all things movement. As a modern dancer she always used movement to feel alive and express herself. During a stressful time, Melanie turned to yoga to find balance between physical, mental and spiritual strength. Yoga shifted the way she experienced life by helping her rediscover the courage to leap into the unknown, honor the love and strength within, and surrender control by letting life flow. Always learning and forever a student, she hopes to share the gifts yoga has given her. Melanie is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and received her certification from Sacred Brooklyn under the guidance of Stephanie Battle and Dara Cole. Melanie teaches multiple modalities including HIIT, dance flow and flow/power yoga. Her classes are challenging and always taught with a sense of joy, love and strength.


Emily is a New York City based yoga instructor and contemporary dancer. An Ohio native, she received her 200-hour Power Yoga Training through GIVE Yoga in Columbus, OH. Through high energy classes Emily teaches her students how to find the peace, power and strength that already exist inside themselves. She is a passionate and structured practitioner and teacher whose goal is to uplift the human experience through yoga and relational connection. She lives her life through love and laughter and is ecstatic to share with others how yoga transforms mind, body, and soul.


Tara has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She started her teaching career 7 years ago after completing an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with teacher & Pure Yoga NYC leader, Scott Harig. Ever since, Tara has built upon her teaching career with additional certifications in yoga and Barre method. Tara has taught group and private lessons at numerous studios around New York City. Her style is athletic and smart. Focusing on the movement between postures, Tara guides her students through a challenging, yet, graceful flow. The goal, a full body workout. Tara loves curating her playlists and uses an informal class-setting to make her classes fun and engaging.